Our Preferred Mortgage Professionals

We always try to educate our clients to select a lender based on a number of variables rather than just on rates and fees. In any transaction, from the simplest to the most complex, a lender can literally make or break any transaction. There are multiple opportunities for a lender to show their range of services, the most critical of which include customer service and time management skills (especially meeting deadlines). It would be silly to ignore the importance of rates and fees, but time and time again we have seen how an initial dollar break can cost a client the equivalent or more in time, heartache, and frustration if their selected lender doesn’t follow through on their commitments. That being said, here are some of the local lenders that have been involved with many of our Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe transactions.

All of our preferred lenders can be reached via phone, email, or direct website contact. Please take a moment to review their websites and fill out an inquiry to get the ball rolling!

HW Funding          

Contact: Cory Hjelmeir

Phone: 775.298.1380



Eagle Mortgage

Contact: Mark Hlubucek

Phone: 775.850.3187



Alpine Mortgage

Contact: Sue Barry

Phone: 775.332.6663

Fax: 855.896.2109


Mann Mortgage

Contact: Mike Richardson

Phone: 775-685-4678

Email: michael.richardson@mannmortgage.com

Website: https://michaelrichardson.mannmortgage.com/

Stanford Mortgage

Contact: Brian V. Farren

Phone: (775) 750-6970

Fax: (775) 236-2792

Email: Brian.Farren@StanfordLoans.com